Manuel Rigger (李曼努)

Manuel Rigger Passport Photo I am an Austrian computer scientist primarily interested in language implementation and the Java Virtual Machine. Since September 2015, I am a PhD student and researcher at the Johannes Kepler University at the Institute of System Software. There, I am working on Sulong which is a LLVM IR interpreter with the goal to provide efficient memory safety and other security features for C/C++.

Before, I was an intern at Aliyun at Alibaba in Hangzhou working on big data customizations on the AliJVM in the summer of 2014. During my Master's, I was employed as a student researcher at the System Software Institute (SSW) at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz working on the C language interpreter Truffle/C. Both my Bachelor's thesis and Master's thesis in my Computer Science and Software Engineering studies at the JKU were related to language implementations based on Truffle. I also work on other projects, such as elexis austria which is a software system for physicians in Austria.

Secondly, I consider myself a hobby sinologist with a special interest in the treaty port history after the Opium Wars. In my Master's thesis of my Chinese Philosophy studies at Xiamen University I researched the German influence in Xiamen after the First Opium War. My Chinese language level is on CEFR C1 and living two years in China and half a year in Taiwan, as well as extensive travels through Asia allowed me to gain a first-hand understanding of Chinese culture.

I am a highly motivated individual and a fast learner with a wide range of interests. In three years between 2013 and 2015 I started and completed my two Master's studies Software Engineering (partly remote) and Chinese Philosophy, while initially working remotely for the SSW. In my exchange Semester to Taiwan and my stay in China I had to adopt to a new environment, learn Chinese starting from zero, and learn and adopt a social science work approach.